What about shipping

It will depends of what you've ordered :

  • Mystery box : ship only in Europe = France (5€ - 1 to 4 days) / Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria (10€ - 4 to 9 days)
  • Jerseys (Replica/Vintages) : 15 to 30 days, shipping all over the world, 3€ shipping fees
What are our jerseys ?

Vintage and replicas jerseys are both replicas of original jerseys. We provide you the best quality !

What about returning and refunding

We can refund your order if :

  • You want to cancel your order 24H after passing it
  • You don't receive it within 3 months
  • Problem with the size/printing (only if we made the mistake, if your order S size and it don't fit, don't ask for a refund) - partial refund
What size should I take?

The sizes of our jerseys are similar to your normal sizes.

So, if you put on size S T-Shirts, then also take a size S for our jerseys

How to contact us?